What's Next, WV? does not organize discussions in communities. People in communities organize these discussions, and it takes a team of people working together to pull it off. 

But we are here to help! If you'd like to create a team or join a team in your community, follow these steps:

1. Tell us that you want to organize a discussion so that we can get in touch. We'll orient you, provide materials, and connect you with people who may already be working in your community, or nearby. 

2. Go to the Materials Page. Watch the video. Download and read the What's Next, WV? Discussion Guide and the Guide for Conveners. Familiarize yourself with the process and what's involved. 

3. Watch a facilitation webinar with the WV Center for Civic Life and the WV Community Development Hub or check out these stories of communities already engaged with What's Next. 

4. Once you've set a date and location for your first conversation, register your discussion so we can add you to the calendar and send you discussion guides.